FlashMP3 can convert any MP3 file into SWF and embed it in a flash player
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FlashMP3 can convert any MP3 file into SWF and embed it in a flash player. In addition to that, it builds an HTML file with the code for you to publish the player and the song on a web site. The source MP3s can come from any file on your drives, but the program also allows you to record sound through your computer´s microphone (you will be able to choose between 11 kHz., 22 kHz. or 44kHz quality in this case). The program allows to select any number of songs to include them in the playlist, which can then be edited as you want. Next, you can choose which player you want to generate, out of the three available skins. You can set the title you want for your player, as well as whether you want the player to autostart when the page that holds it is visited, if you want it to play the next song automatically when a song finishes and if you want to shuffle the playlist. Then, you will have the option to generate the HTML code to execute the player or not, and begin the creation of the player.

The demostration version of FlashMP3 will work for fifteen days. During the trial period, it will convert just 60% of the audio in each file.

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